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Business Verticals

gap assessment
Having worked with several Organisations in understanding their Requirements and providing Solutions, Quantum Leap has developed a scientific approach for identifying the right tools to be deployed at appropriate points in time. We call it The Maturity Roadmap. This roadmap positions the relevant Solution based on a Gap Assessment. The Gap Assessment covers the following:
Financial Health
Organisational Structure
Business Processes

A Balanced Scorecard is a Comprehensive Strategic Planning & Performance Review mechanism which when effectively deployed facilitates in aligning the Operational Initiatives towards the Organisation’s Vision & Goals. The key features of the Balanced Scorecard are as follows:

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An Enterprise Resource Planning Tool or ERP as popularly called is a system that is expected to enable an Organisation to manage its Resources efficiently by maintaining an integral Database, Process Input Real Time Data, and Provide timely Information for Objective Decision Making through Trend Analysis & Reports. SAP Business One does the same for Small and Medium Enterprises. The key features of SAP Business One are as follows:

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Adopting Consistent Processes within a well laid out Framework, helps Organisations to manage Risks Effectively, converting them to Opportunities for Growth and ensuring Sustenance and focus towards its Objectives. The following Industry Standards help your organisation achieve the same:

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An Organisational Philosophy is similar to the word Human replaced with Organisation. Operations Excellence is all about living up to this Philosophy. An Organisation has to reach a certain level of Maturity to deploy the Operational Excellence Tools. The following are such tools:

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A formal education lays the foundation for an aspiring Student to orient herself or himself into the domain she or he wants to Develop and Excel. An Organisation sets its Vision and strives to Achieve its Goals for Economical & Sustainable Growth through its Core Business Processes like Sales and Operations. The following competencies are focused for improvement in Quantum Leap:

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Upcoming Programs

Supervisory Development Program

To break the myths of the conventional supervision and open the doors to modern and effective supervision.
Join our exclusively designed Supervisory Development Program.

Office Safety(OHSMS) Program

OHSMS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Management System. OHSMS in relation to Office Safety is very helpful in planning the perfect workplace safety plan for an office.
Join our customizable Office Safety Program as per your office requirements.

Integrated Management System (IMS) Program

IMS is an Integration of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. It is a Standardised and Integrated Approach which facilitates to make the Deployment of the Management System as a Way of Life and Optimise Time, Effort and Money.
Join our Integrated Management System Program to become an INDUSTRY LEADER.

Special features of our LMS Courses

  1. Access to secure Learning Management System
  2. Unique and customized learning paths
  3. Learn at your free will and time
  4. Periodic assessments
  5. Achievement Badges
  6. Course Completion Certificate

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About Us

Quantum Leap is a Management Consulting & Training Firm providing a portfolio of Structured Services in the areas listed beside for the Manufacturing Industry across diverse Verticals. Established in 2012 with a Vision of Transcending the Best Practises, we have been successful in Pegging our Customers firmly in their Growth Trajectory.
We always engage with an exit plan and endeavour to ensure our Clients gain a self energising momentum that constantly drives them to achieve & sustain customer-focused competitive advantage. Quantum increase in Revenue & Profits are given results.
Over the years Quantum Leap has grown to be a Valued Partner for Small, Medium & the Large Industries alike, providing World Class Solutions at Optimal Cost. Backed by a formidable Team of Seasoned Professionals who Build and Deploy Solutions, Quantum Leap is your pillar of support at all times.